Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Welcome home friends, to your very own Mount Carmel Convent Anglo Indian Girl's High School Blog! This blog is an attempt to help you reconnect with your past and revive your good old school memories. How often do we get the opportunity to talk about the past....before it's too late! So lets make the most while we can still remember a thing or two of our memorable school days. A pat on our backs dear classmates, for the successful Silver Jubilee Reunion that was held on the 25th of July 2010 at The Nani Hotel, Kollam. A big round of applause to all those who travelled from far and near to attend this glorious occasion. The rain didn't dampen our spirits and the memories of the day will linger on. We are thankful to all those who contributed their valuable time to make this event a grand success and also to those who documented important parts of our school's nostalgic reminiscences. Please keep checking in for latest updates. If you are an ex-student of Mount Carmel, you are also welcome to add in your comments directly or share with us your story by sending it to us at cynthiapinto@hotmail.com and we'll post it on the blog. Thankyou.

Left: Mount Carmel Convent AIGHS, Kollam (Primary Section) Right: Mount Carmel Convent AIGHS (Secondary Section)

Our Dear Departed Principal, Rev. Sr. Mary Patricia

Our Dear Departed Principal, Rev. Sr. Mary Patricia
Monday, September 13, 2010
A Loving Tribute to Our Principal
By Cynthia Pinto

Sr. Mary Patricia was an enigmatic personality with an abundant aura of grace. Her very presence would inevitably call our attention to drop everything we did to hear her speak. I am often reminded of a few instances of my interaction with her and wish I could turn back the clock just to relive them. Throughout my student life, I realized that she was distinctively different but never fully understood her worth. I thought she rarely smiled and when she did, I knew it made a world of difference to me. So preoccupied with my own life, I never stopped a moment to think how lucky I was to be endowed with such a unique principal.

Looking back, today I have many regrets. I wish I could stop by at Mount Carmel Convent and thank her profusely even if no words were enough to do so. Though she’s no longer with us anymore, I would still like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for all the dauntless efforts she has so selflessly undertaken to uphold the spirit and motto of our school. May God grant her Soul Eternal Rest!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Reunion to Remember - Part I
By Rajashree Vijay ('85 Batch)
The day dawned liked any other, but it was no ordinary day.   It was the day I was waiting for anxiously since the last 25 years of my life.  It was the day we had traveled from so far to partake in a momentous event called the ‘Reunion’. The reunion excitement swelled within me, as I debated on what I would wear that afternoon.  I guess, only those who have experienced one will understand its true significance.

I opened the door to the most welcoming face that morning.  It was none other than our dear Sheroo and as she said ‘come on” I felt myself transforming into a little school girl all over again. The hall reflected the mood we felt as we hugged and welcomed our long lost friends. There were tears and smiles when Jayashree walked in.  We hugged and wept as we moaned her sister and our classmate Rajashree’s untimely demise. It was so good of her to come in support of our reunion that day.  There were also some unexpected faces.

The presentation by Cynthia and speeches by Sreelatha, Veera, Sheroo and Deepa respectively were all moments to live for.  Deepa was a natural orator.  She recalled memories that resonated within us.  Oh, all those long lost days! She characterized each teacher with perfection and a tinge of such humour, that our squeals of laughter seemed to be boundless.  We were enraptured the whole time.  The Lunch was a splurge of delicacies but unfortunately we were so preoccupied catching up, that I don’t think any of us did much justice to the food.

Soon after the celebration, we headed for Mount Carmel, our good old school.  We met Sr. Effie and the other sisters at the convent.  We walked along the same paths we did as school girls, giggling and chatting away as we remembered many funny instances of school life.  We spent a few silent moments at the chapel and as we prayed we felt a sense of divinity come over us. We then decided to pay a surprise visit to Sandra who couldn’t make it to the party as she was in her final stages of pregnancy. What an excited Sandra we met that day! Photos with Sandra in 'Visiting Classmates Post Reunion' Album.

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